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Helping children identify their energy level can be a great way to not only open conversation of how we may have different energy levels at each given moment, but also a way for us to meet our child’s needs. I recently wrote a blog post for Safari Ltd‘s website using a few of their products that add as a tangible way to help children identify their varying energy levels. The chameleon represents our low energy, the elephant represents our medium energy and the cheetah represents our high energy.

These cards supplement the concept and teaching by creating a visual for children and adults to use while discussing energy levels. This opens up the doors for conversations like, “Mom is experiencing low energy like the chameleon. It looks like you’re experiencing high energy like the cheetah. I’m going to do this quiet activity right now, but if you’d like to run around outside while I’m doing this you can.” As our children gain a better understanding of the energy checks, they are then able to understand and communicate effectively their energy levels, which in turn allows us as caregivers to meet those energy needs with appropriate activities. Opening up the dialog about energy levels also helps our children understand that all energy levels are great! By discussing them, we then can help our children engage in an activity that is suitable for their particular energy level at that moment, while meeting their energy needs.

The children can use the cards to match the animal characters from Safari Ltd or simply by selecting the card to help them identify the differing energy levels of each of the characters. These cards are especially great for children with few verbal skills or no verbal skills. The cards provide a way for the child to communicate their energy level in a simple and understandable way.

Each of the cards have a picture and a description of that specific character/energy. There are 8 cards. The cards include, a title page, energy check description page, chameleon page, chameleon description page, elephant page, elephant description page, cheetah page, and cheetah description page. I recommend printing them double sided for a total of 4 cards. The cards are made in postcard size, however you have the option of printing them full page as well (as shown above).

To Purchase

The cost for Energy Check Cards is $5. To purchase simply click here and put “Energy Checks” in the subject heading and your email in the message. From there I will send you a Paypal invoice for you to complete your transaction. For a quicker purchase option simply Venmo RyLee-Matangi-1 and put “Energy Checks” in the description. Once payment is complete, you will receive an email with your Energy Check Cards.

NOTE: These printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Sharing files is prohibited. It takes a long time to create printables. If family or friends are interested in the printable please direct them to where they can purchase their own. Thank you!

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