Back to School Kit ($40)



Yay!! Fall is in the air and school is here! This little kit was so fun to put together and all of my girls have been obsessed with it! Whether you have a little one who is a little bummed big brother or sister is now leaving them and wants to go to school too, you’re doing preschool at home, or just want a fun play kit, this one is sure to be a hit! My two year old loved being able to match the shapes together, and try to find the letters that matched the flashcards, while my four year old was working on finding the letters that were in the sight word cards. They also loved matching the upper and lower case letters to the flash cards, making imprints of the shapes, letters, and numbers in the play dough and using our super safe scissors (like seriously they only cut paper and play dough, no more worrying about hair or other miscellaneous items getting destroyed haha) to cut the play dough.

Kit Includes:

  • Organized container with lid and “School” label on the front

  • 40 Dr. Suess Letter Flashcards

  • Safety Scissors

  • Three colored balls of play dough

  • 26 upper case letters

  • 26 lower case letters

  • 14 shapes

  • 26 number pieces


There are only a select number of kits. Once they are gone, they’re gone. The price per kit is $40 shipped. To order click HERE and put “School Sensory Kit” in the subject section, and your complete address in the comment section. From there I will send you a PayPal invoice to complete your purchase. Happy Back-to-School!