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How to Do Messy Play

I hear a lot from people that they are too much of a “clean freak” to let their children make messes, or they just couldn’t handle the mess like I can. Here’s the thing, I can’t handle too much mess EITHER! Messy play is totally possible for even the cleanest of us simply by following these few tips.

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Sort The Sweets + Taste Safe Dyed Pasta Recipe

This activity is so developmental and simple to whip up! In fact, you probably have everything you need already in your pantry! I decided to dye four different types of pasta noodles to create a sorting by shape activity within this sensory play. We added in some scissor scoops, tweezers, wooden scoops, cupcake liners, and some cookie cutter hearts. You could add in some little jars, bowls, tongs or whatever else you have on hand!

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