"We're the Perfect Match" Activity


This is probably the easiest and quickest activity to put together! I went to Target and they had these puffy stickers in the dollar section. These were especially great because they not only had different colors, but different faces as well. So I placed one of each of the faces and colors on the paper and simply drew a heart where the “match” should go. You could do this with any stickers as long as they either come with double or, by purchasing two of the sticker sets in order to create a match. The puffy stickers were especially nice because we discovered that the girls could actually peel the stickers off of the paper and do the activity over again!

This activity helped them enhance their fine motor skills, shape matching, colors, and cognitive development as they matched the associated faces. We also extended learning by counting the colors, and how many total hearts we had. We introduced counting by “twos”, and practiced counting over 20. They thought it was so cute that they were finding the “perfect match” for the hearts. We hope you can enjoy this activity too! Happy valentines Day!