Corn Color Sort


 Corn kernels are such an awesome sensory experience (seriously, I even could play with it all day!). We added in our color chips and some tweezers for a fine motor and color sorting activity. We use color swatches from the grocery store in so many activities! For reals, next time you’re at the grocery store pick some of these up! (They’re free!)


We added in some other pieces from our paint swatches to create a little more of a game where we had to draw out the color of the chips we were supposed to get out of the corn. We used old “Ice Cube Gum” containers to place our other paint swatch pieces in and it was a perfect fit! My 3 year old loved the game of pulling out the different colors, and my 2 year old loved pulling out the colors just for fun! It was a little tricky for her so it was great fine motor practice.


We initially started with tweezers to create more of a fine motor experience. My 3 year old could do it, but she decided that she wanted to try tongs instead to see if they would be a little easier and they were! I try to leave out an activity for a day or two before I clean it up so they can go back to it when they wish, and this one was a hit! They kept going back to it over and over! One the second day I was so excited because my just barley 2 year old (as of last week) figured out the tongs! She was pretty excited as well, and would not stop playing! Seriously go watch our videos on instagram in the “colors” highlights you won’t want to miss the play!


It was an interestingly satisfying sensory experience as well! We loved grabbing the corn and feeling it trickle through our fingers!

(Note: this activity is not for mouthing babies, there are a lot of small pieces!)