DIY Five Little Pumpkins Activity


The Five Little Pumpkins Poem was one I loved when I was a preschool teacher. Then my three year old came home from preschool one day rehearsing the poem over and over, and I knew I wanted to create a little DIY activity for her to play with.


I found a couple of images that I wanted to use of the pumpkins and gate and printed them. I then laminated the images and cut them out. I thought it would be fun to use them on the felt board, so I found some velcro circles and stuck them onto the pumpkins and gate (note: If using a felt board, stick the soft velcro onto the back of the gate and pumpkins, the hard velcro with pull up the felt board). I then created a print out of the poem.

Materials Used


This activity helps develop Language and Memorization skills. It also helps children with order sequence and numbers. The girls enjoyed physically moving the pumpkins around. We also used the poem as a finger play where we had actions associated with each of the pumpkins and the poem. It was fun to watch my just barely 2 year old also start to memorize the poem. She loved doing the actions. She also loved putting the pumpkins on and off of the board. It was such a fun and easy activity and one that we could enjoy having out all month long. Happy Halloween!


Click the link below for the “Five Little Pumpkins” files.

Five Little Pumpkins Files