DIY Rainbow Color Matching Activity


This activity held the girls interest all day! They loved trying to color match the craft sticks to the different colors of the rainbow. It was a little bit “tricky” like my almost two year old said (see “Fine Motor” highlights on Instagram for videos of play), but she was able to be successful. I used one of our old boxes, taped on a piece of paper that I had drawn a rainbow on and then used a knife to slit holes in the box on the colors of the rainbow for the sticks to go through. My 3 year old loved keeping the sticks poking up, while my 2 year old enjoyed pushing them through the box.

This activity was excellent to enhance fine motor skills and colors. My 3 year old also used math concepts by counting the sticks she had left of each color and figuring out which one she had more of. Throughout the day they returned to the box and found out they could push one stick through and the other one could be on the opposite side to pull it through.


She loved the craft sticks! We found them at Walmart in the craft section. She kept finding new ways to play with them! Here she is taking a picture of her play like “mommy”.

This was such an easy, fun developmental activity with little prep! Have fun color sorting! (Recommended ages 18 months +)