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She Strengtheneth Her Arms

I hear all the time, whether personally or throughout social media and news, “Oh you’re JUST a stay at home mom?” “What else do you do?” “It must be so nice to sit at home all day.” “I wish my life was that easy.” “You decided to work instead of being a stay at home mom?” Everyone’s situation is different, but it seems that no matter what YOU are doing as a mom, someone will have something negative to say about it. I will ALWAYS defend the sacred role of motherhood in whatever shape or form. I’m not “just” a stay at home mom.

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The Shepherd Doesn't Sleep

“To all mothers everywhere, past, present, or future, I say ‘thank you.’ Thank you for giving birth, for shaping souls. For forming character and for demonstrating the pure love of Christ… to all mothers in very circumstance, including those who struggle-and all will, I say, ‘you are doing better than you think you are!’…In fact, you are saviors on Mount Zion, and like the master you follow, your love never faileth.”

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