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Grocery Shopping with Kids

“Go to the grocery store with my kids? No thanks!” was something I used to always think. Honestly going to the grocery store with our children can be tough right. There usually is a toddler running away, someone crying, it takes a million years, and man it can be stressful. But guys, going to the grocery store with our children is so important!

Hear me out, I totally used to rely on the grocery pickup services stores are adding these days, and while there is nothing wrong with that, here are a few reasons why you SHOULD go to the grocery store with your kids.

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Sensory + Behavior

Learning about sensory and how it affects behavior not only allows us to gain a better understanding of our child and their behaviors, but ourselves as well. This information is powerful. This information allows me to be a better, more patient parent. This information helps me to understand my child and when she is getting overstimulated. This information

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