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Peace in the Storm

This anxiety thing is new. I don’t want to go into details because it’s still very painful and difficult for me to process. And even though the Anxiety level is new, I’ve always been “high stressed”, so much so that my parents used to always repeat a poem about “worry” to me as a young child. The other day I went to the temple to seek for answers. As I entered into the most beautiful room, a painting was directly in front of me with the Savior’s hand stretched out. I physically started to reach out in tears because I wanted to grab it.

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Casting Stones

My mind keeps pondering those waiting to cast stones. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the person about to be stoned is a woman. My mind immediately thinks of mothers. Whether through social media, whispers, or in our minds we are waiting to cast stones at other women.

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Those Who Seek Him

I’ve been pondering the accounts in the scriptures of those who sought out Jesus. The people who were praying for him, searching through crowds for him, and brought children to him. People like the man who’s daughter was laying sick in bed, Mary and Martha who besought him after their brother passed away, the father who brought his son with a dumb spirit, the two blind men, they all went in faith to find Jesus.

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