You're a mom...


Man this girl.. this girl will be 6 months old tomorrow. She had to be resuscitated 5 different times when she was just three weeks old. She taught me a little more about how intense a mother’s love and ache is for their children. The first day in the hospital after she was life flighted I hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t used the bathroom or eaten anything that entire day, until a nurse forced me to step out of her room to get a “tour” of the floor and locate the bathroom and nutrition rooms. I decided to go to the bathroom and I immediately collapsed on the bathroom floor. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and my body was weaker than it had ever been. I sobbed harder than I had my entire life. I didn’t know if my little girl was going to make it. 

Then something kind of crazy happened. I stood up slowly, took a deep breath and stopped crying immediately. Throughout our couple weeks in the hospital that would happen. I would break down, take a deep breath, and then keep on going. That’s what moms do. That’s what they do when it’s hard. When you feel physically and emotionally exhausted. You sob, get up, and keep on going. You keep on going for your children. You keep on going for your home. You keep on going for you spouse. You keep on going. 

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about what happened to this now 6 month old baby. She changed me. She made me realize how strong I am. She made me realize how intense and deep my love is. She made me realize that even when you collapse on the floor, you can get up. Why? Because you’re a mom.. one of the strongest people to have ever lived and loved. 
I love you more than you know baby girl