"It's better to look up"

look up.JPEG

I've been thinking a lot lately about the phrase, "It's better to look up". When I think about how the Savior ministered, it was just that. He looked up and he looked out. It's so easy for me as a mom of three kids, ages 3 and under, to be constantly looking down. Looking at them, worrying about them and myself and what I am dealing with in the moment rather than taking a moment to look out at those around me. The Savior looked up to God. He didn't say "my will", he said, "Thy will be done" and then he looked out and served. 

When I picture the Savior walking the streets, I picture him looking out. Truly trying to see those around him and then stopping and serving. It's easy to focus on our own problems and stress, but if we can take a moment to look up and out, I know the Lord will use us to minister as the Savior did.

What do you need to look up from? Yourself, worries, fears, your phone? "It's better to look up."


It Is Better to Look Up by Carl B. Cook