Christmas Toy List 2018

Photo by:  @_beckykimball

Photo by: @_beckykimball

Here it is! Here is The Christmas Toy List for 2018. I have gathered some of my all time favorite developmental toys for your little ones. I wanted to make sure that I had a good range of prices so that no matter your budget, you should be able to leave with some wonderful ideas!

In all honestly, our budget is pretty low, that’s why I add things to my list here and there and when we can afford something I will get it. My oldest daughter got a $5 clearance teddy bear from us for Christmas her first year and that was it, and guess what, it ended up being her most prized possession for those first couple years. So add them to your list and refer back to them throughout the year!

Please note, although it is broken down by age, since these are developmental toys, many of the toys fit within multiple age categories! That’s why I love these toys! We use them over and over for years! There are some toys that I currently have that all three of my children are enjoying on a regular basis! Hopefully you can find something you are super excited about!

Infant (newborn-18 months)

  • Organic Baby Rattle: Guys, this is baby rattle from this seller probably my all time favorite baby toy I have purchased! I actually purchased a Lamb, but this rattle that I linked has the same components that I love in our lamb. We bought this for my second daughter and she loved it, and now my 3rd daughter is obsessed! I try not to leave the house without it! The balls are firmly attached and looped around so they won’t pop off. My daughter loves teething on the main part as well as those wooden balls and it is totally safe!

  • Munch Mitt: Okay, this is hilarious and so genius! We have this little munch mitt, and it’s especially designed for that teething stage. How often do we give our infants a teething toy and they drop it over and over again? Well this little mitt solves that problem! You attach the mitt to your infants hand, and they no longer can drop their teething toy! Problem solved.

  • Blocks: How gorgeous is this block set from Bannor Toys?! Blocks encourage coordination, imagination and creativity, and it’s never to early to get yourself a quality block set. I am in love with the added silicone blocks in this wooden block set. Naturally your infant is going to teeth on their blocks, and these ones are completely safe for that teething stage. They also have other rattles and teething toys that are a perfect addition to your Christmas shopping list!

  • Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Cube: This is one of those “most played with” toys that I like to always leave out. At their earlier stage, your infant my simply enjoy putting blocks in and out of the cube, then around 18 months, with some of your help, they can start matching the shapes with the coordinating shapes in the cube. This works their cognitive development as they have to twist, rotate and flip the blocks to match the shapes. My 3 year old even still enjoys sorting the cubes. We have also used it for color sorting, and stacking blocks. Definitely a must have!

  • Little Climber Toy: Oh my goodness! I have had my eye on these type of climbers for a long time! This is the perfect climbing toy for your new explorer through preschool years! Sometimes we get so stuck indoors, that we aren’t working those large motor skills as well as we should, especially being from Utah. This little climber is the perfect addition for your explorer to use for years to come! Use code: MATANGILEMONBLOG for 15% off of anything in their shop!

  • Basic Wood Stacker Toy: Honestly, this is one another one of those toys that I constantly leave out. The girls get so creative with this little stacker toy. We talk about going from “Largest to Smallest” and vice versa. The girls use the wooden rings in other play, as well as the stacking poll. Such a simple toy, that continues to be used in creative play.

  • Hape Wooden Toy Cars 4 Piece: If you’re looking for a good starter car set this is it! These wooden cars are nice quality and will last you throughout the years. They’re the perfect size too! Too large for your little one to put in their mouth, and small enough to hold.

  • Hape Push and Pull Toy: Push and Pull toys are great for your little one to get a first glimpse into physics. They will love being able to pull their animal toy along with them, plus the aesthetics of these toys are absolutely adorable!

Comfort Items

  • Soft Comfort Plush: Every child needs a comfort item, and the first gift I get my babies is a soft plush. This little lamb has been one of our absolute favorites and you can’t beat the price! They have other animals to choose from as well. Giving a comfort item will be sure to carry through for those first few years.

  • Quilt: We are obsessed with Little Unicorn’s quilts! These gorgeous quilts fold up small and are my favorite blankets to add into the carseat on chillier days. My 9 month old uses one in her carseat, my 2 year old uses hers on her bed in her crib and my 3 year old uses hers as a beautiful piece at the end of her twin bed.

  • Swaddles: These bamboo rayon muslin swaddles are gorgeous and so soft! I love how breathable they are. They are the first blanket I feel comfortable adding with my babies once they get a little older. All of my girls love them, and my 3 year old still sleeps with one, so we own like a million haha.

  • Lush Satin Boarder Blanket: Honestly we could cuddle all day in our cozy soft blankets from Saranoni, and the fact they have small ones perfect for your little ones to hold as they sleep or take with them on the go is absolutely perfect. I really don’t know if I have ever felt anything so soft! (P.S. If you’re looking for a deal, Saranoni is having a BLACK FRIDAY sale online starting on Thanksgiving night @ 10pm MST)

Photo by:  @_beckykimball

Photo by: @_beckykimball

Toddler (18 months-2 years)


  • Wood Car Ramp With Cars: This is still one of our most played with toys after a few years. Not only is it the most played with, but it’s the most played with by ALL three of our girls ranging from 9 months-3 years old and I’m sure it will only continue to be. The cars are awesome and can swirl in a circle with the wheels. We use the little cars in so many other ways to play as well, and I could even play with the little ramp and cars all day. It’s high quality and will last for years. Plus, for some reason, the sound of the little cars hitting the wood is a sensory experience in it of itself.

  • Melissa and Doug Stacking Train: How amazing this this wooden shape stacking train from Melissa and Doug? I’m obsessed with the shape and color recognition components of this train that associates play!

  • PlanToys Stacking Rocket: You seriously can’t go wrong with pretty much anything from “Plan Toys”. This little rocket adds a little extra brain work to your basic stacker and it’s adorable!

  • Name Puzzle: How fun is this name puzzle? Your toddler will start recognizing the letters in their name and matching the letters to the puzzle. We use these wooden letters in other activities such as creating salt dough impressions, pressing them in play dough, tracing them on paper, and using the wooden puzzle board as a crayon rubbing! Such a special personalized gift for your little one!


  • Magnet Gears: We are obsessed with these little magnetic gears! I love leaving them out on my fridge for the girls to play with. It’s so fun watching their little engineering minds work. My 9 month old even loves trying to grab and spin them! Anything that helps keep the baby busy while I am making dinner is a win in my book. My 2 year old loves putting the pieces together and spinning them. My 3 year old has started to rearrange them to form different letters! When I would rather not have them pulled off onto the floor, I simply slide them up on the fridge where the baby can’t reach them. They seriously are amazing, and you will love them!

  • Color Sorting Gnomes: Okay, I am obsessed with these little color sorting gnomes! not only are they the little wooden dolls, that we use in so many play activities, but they come with an additional color sorting/matching piece such as a hat! If that wasn’t enough, they also come with another color matching piece that allows you to stack and build with the gnomes! I am in love with her shop and you can use code: matangilemon15 for 15% off of anything in her shop!

  • Plan Toys Lacing Sheep: This wooden lacing puzzle is amazing! It’s large enough to fit in toddler hands and the quality will make it last for years! The separate “wool” pieces come off, and inside it displays colors for your toddler or preschooler to begin color matching the pieces onto the sheep! 

  • Plan Toys Sort and Count: When I first posted a video of my 18 month old naming colors and color sorting it was with an activity just like this one from plan toys! We use our color sorting bowls in a variety of ways, and the little pieces not only help your toddler start learning their colors, but it also helps them begin counting as well! Your child will also have to use their fine motor skills to pick up the disks, to extend this activity you could add in some child tweezers or tongs for a more difficult fine motor experience!

  • Mr. Potato Head: When a toy has been around for many years you know it’s a good one. We love creating with our Mr. Potato Head pieces and I am constantly wanting to buy more! We use the pieces in play dough, real potatoes and other activities as well!

  • Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle Game Set: Puzzle and dramatic play all in one! Your toddler and/or preschooler is definitely going to love this one!

Dramatic Play

  • Teepee: Oh my goodness! We first had a teepee when my oldest was probably 18 months old, I found this pattern on Etsy and made one. It was literally one of the best gifts ever! She and her little friends could not stop giggling, as they climbed in and out of the teepee! I have since purchased this one, because we loved it so much I decided I wanted a “cuter” quality one to leave up in my girl’s bedroom. It has been totally worth it! We love snuggling in there and reading books, and playing peek-a-boo with the teepee. Such a wonderful gift that will last for years.

  • Play Kitchen: Another all time favorite gift item is this play kitchen from KidKraft. I love the simplicity of it and it’s another one of those things that we always leave out. I hear a lot of boy moms question whether or not they should get their child a play kitchen and the answer is absolutely! Dramatic play allows a child to act out things that they see in their world. It’s a crucial part of development and your child will love having a kitchen to play with! Play Food: This play food from Melissa and Doug is our favorite to start with! The food is made out of wood and you can’t beat the quality and price! These little wooden crates it comes with allows discussions about different food groups, and helps your little ones begin sorting the food. It also fits PERFECTLY in our KidKraft Kitchen.

  • Melissa and Doug Cutting Pretend Food: We gave this to my oldest when she turned two and she loved cutting the food over and over again! Literally she could have done it all day! Initially I had to help out with putting the pieces back together so she could continue cutting all day, but now she does this all on her own. My 2 year old is now obsessed with it! Such a fun way to work those fine motor skills!

  • Small Table and Chairs: Children love having “mini” furniture that is just their size! It’s especially great with their dramatic play house set up as it allows them to to truly fit into their space and act out their every day experiences.

  • Dress-ups: Not all children are into dress ups, but it is a fun way for them to act out different roles and characters through their play. My oldest lived in dress-ups for an entire year. I linked this one just as a reference, for a nice one that we have loved, but honestly go check out your nearest thrift store and pick up some of the gently used Halloween costumes people are trying to get rid of!

  • Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet: Our girls love this little pounding bench and mallet! To extend learning through play, I will tell my toddler to hit specific colors. For example, “Hit the pink one! Now hit the blue one!” This helps with color recognition, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills! (although occasionally you’ll probably want to put this toy away to save your ears, because they will be obsessed with hitting it!)

  • Grimm’s Set of 12 Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls: These handcrafted, non-toxic, quality wooden dolls are the perfect addition to your toy collection. The different colors allow you to use them in so many different color sorting activities. We love the open ended play that wooden dolls present, and these ones are used time and time again. If you’re into DIY, make your own using these dolls and some non-toxic paint!

Large Motor

  • Pop-Up Play: We have this little pop-up play and pull it out all the time! The girls love being able to have a pop up tunnel and play area, and mom loves being able to easily fold it up and store it in the closet! This particular one has a little basketball hoop that the girls love playing with. We also purchased these balls and like to add them to our pop-up fort. Occasionally we also add in a little slide for the girls to slide on into the ball pit! If you need a fun activity to work those large motor skills on a rainy day, this is it! This is always a hit at birthday parties, play dates, and those days when you just want to stay inside. Plus it’s a cleaner version of those fast food ball pit options, am I right?!

  • 3’ Trampoline: I don’t personally have this mini trampoline in my tiny town home, but my girls are pretty much obsessed with it every time we visit our friends! A little way to burn some of that crazy energy is a win in my book! Don’t you wish you could harness some of that energy for mom?!

  • Wooden Balance Board: There are so many endless ways to play with this wooden balance board! From a large motor and balancing workout, to a car ramp, tunnel or piece to your fort, this open ended piece of wood is incredible. There are other versions of a balance board that you can find from other sellers as well. I am pretty excited to get this one I ordered from Wiwiurka in the mail soon (disclaimer, this one is currently closed for the Christmas Season, as I shared earlier in my instastories)!


  • Wooden Xylophone: This is our all time favorite toy xylophone! The sound is phenomenal and the girls love playing with it. Heck, dad and mom love playing with it! It comes with a card to play a song, and a bonus wooden whistle. We love exploring with music at our house and these are used time and time again!

  • Musical Instruments: This is our favorite starter musical instruments set! Music and auditory sensory is an important component of development for children, so it’s good to have some instruments on hand to whip out when you’re ready to get your jam on!

  • Drum: We have a hand crafted drum added to our musical instruments from our trip to Fiji. We are always are pulling it out to play and explore rhythm. My 9 month old even loves trying to hit it and dance along with the beat! This drum is also beautifully handcrafted and similar to the one we have from Fiji! Plus I was able to get you 25% off your order by applying the discount code: MATANGILEMONBLOG at checkout! (It also applies to the other items within the Child & Nursery collection from


  • Water Table: If you have been following me, you knew that one was coming haha. Okay, literally everyone needs one of these, and if you follow me on instagram, you know how much we use ours! Just visit my blogpost here to see a DIY and a purchase option. You won’t regret it. Fine Motor Tool Set: add on Completely Safe Scissors:

  • Art Easel: We love our Art Easel from IKEA and the price is seriously too good! We also purchased this Paper Roll to go with it! The girls love the versatility of being able to use dry erase markers on one side and chalk on the other. They also love being able to paint and color with the paper roll! We also have our easel out for some creativity flow.

  • Wood Play Dough Tools: We are constantly making play dough! We love using cookie cutters and some nice play dough tools. The girls could play all day, and mom loves it too! Find the Best Classic Play Dough Recipe on our blog here.

Preschool Age


  • Picasso Tiles: My brother first introduced us to Picasso Tiles a few years ago, and we have been hooked ever since! Honestly we need more and more of these little tiles! We have so much fun creating and building with these. The girls even love putting them into the windows and creating a stain glass window effect. Be careful though, adults may take over on this one! Haha.

  • Lincoln Logs: I love Lincoln Logs, and it’s a perfect way to add to your block collection in a versatile way! My cute father in law came over the other day and spent hours playing with them! We switch out our blocks often, and although my girls haven’t quite figured them out yet, this is a fun one to pull out time and time again.

  • Plus Plus Learn to Build: How fun are these little building pieces?! These are ones I want to keep in my diaper bag and pull out during church or a night out at a restaurant to entertain the kids! We don’t have any yet, but these will definitely be a stocking stuffer for our girls this Christmas!

  • Grimm’s Water Waves Stacker: These are gorgeous unique handmade blocks that I can’t get enough of! Basically anything from Grimm’s is on my “to buy” list! I love the funky structures of these blocks and the nature like features within them! If you’d like a larger set of Grimm’s these ones are the perfect addition! Grimm’s Four Elements Building Set

  • Rainbow Stacker: I get a lot of questions about our rainbow stacker! This one linked at the beginning is probably the most popular, however, it is a little pricey. So I decided to buy mine from this seller on etsy that was a bit cheaper. However, I will say that when it arrived it was poorly packaged and two of the pieces were broken upon arrival. She did quickly send me new pieces though and they are used pretty much every single day at our house right now! You can search for other buying options from different sellers on etsy or amazon. (I recently received some handmade toys from this shop that is located here in the U.S. and she also has a rainbow stacker. I cannot say enough about my recent purchase and I want to buy basically everything in her shop! Plus she donates 10% of her proceeds to children that are victims of child abuse and trauma. I’m sure you would be happy getting a rainbow stacker from her!)

  • Hape Alphabet Puzzle: If you’ve been following along, you already know we use this and the number puzzle in so many activities! We wrote the lower case letters on the base of the alphabet puzzle and my 3 year old pulls it out often to help her write letters and be able to visualize the upper and lower case letters. We are obsessed with our puzzles and will continue to show you more ways to use them!

  • Rock Blocks: These blocks are seriously gorgeous! They are all handmade and naturally dyed. I am in love with the developmental component of these Rock Blocks as well as the appearance of them! They’re so beautiful you’ll want to keep them out for everyone to use! Whether a home decor piece or a functional stacking block activity these are definitely going to be a go-to staple in your home!

Dramatic Play

  • Peg Dolls: Again, Peg Dolls are our favorite open ended dolls! These one from Tiffany Lee Studios are so adorable and we seriously want them all! I’m especially excited about a recent order I put in to have her make some personalized ones of our family to put into our dollhouse I’m renovating for the girls for Christmas! Stay tuned on my instagram to see how ours turned out! Also use code: RMLOVE20 for 20% off!

  • Wooden Doll House: Any Fixer Upper fans? Chip and Joanna Gaines are seriously amazing and I am in love with their home decor and creations! This little dollhouse of theirs is absolutely adorable and your little one is sure to love it! Or if you’re looking for a cheaper route, follow along with our journey of renovating a dollhouse we found at our local thrift store! I found some of the cutest dollhouse furniture from Hobby Lobby! Check it out online or visit your local store!

  • Felt Castles: My girls are obsessed with these handmade felt castles from They love using their peg dolls with these castles! Their creativity and language during play is my favorite. I love seeing them light up and make up their own stories! Use code: MATANGILEMONBLOG for 20% off at checkout! (It also applies to the other items within the Child & Nursery collection on their site!)

  • Bake Wooden Cookie Set: We love these little cookies from Melissa and Doug. The girls love cutting them with the added wooden knife, and baking and serving them to “guests”.

  • Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Counter: If you’re looking for an extra item to add to your dramatic play food, this Ice Cream Counter is so fun! The ice cream scoops actually hook to the scoop. Using the menu is a great way for children to roll play, ordering, counting, sequence, and counting and receiving money. It makes them feel just like mom and dad at a ice cream shop!

  • Pretend Play Cash Register: Everyone needs a pretend play cash register! This is the one we have, and the girls love using it whenever they are playing grocery store, bake sale, lemonade stand or other dramatic play shops. Right now they enjoy simply going through the motions and pushing the buttons, but once their play becomes a little more advanced, we will be able to use the adding and subtracting features of the cash register as well!

  • Melissa and Doug Wood Sandwich Making Set: More play food! (Can you tell we love it!) This also helps children think about what they put on sandwiches, putting the sandwich together, and using their fine motor skills to slice the different pieces!

  • Melissa and Doug Puppets: Puppets are something I think every child needs, but it’s one of those toys that a lot of people forget about! These nice puppets from Melissa and Doug are seriously amazing and the price is incredible! We are slowly building up our collection! Puppets help develop language, social, emotional, and fine motor skills. (We also have a fun DIY puppet stand coming on the blog soon!)

  • Wooden Train Track Set 52 Piece: Everyone needs a little wooden train set! Train sets not only are perfect for pretend play, but they help with engineering, and creativity. This set is perfect for starting your collection, and connects with all major train set brands! While you’re at it, pick up this 12 (17 Piece) Wooden Engines and Toy Cars to play with on your tracks!

  • BluTrack 18’ Starter Set: How cool is this?! Seriously I am so stoked about this car track that I recently discovered! You can hang it from your window and put it up and over couches chairs, toys, basically whatever your mind can imagine! It adds a little more creativity and ingenuity to those race car tracks, and I’m sure it will be a big hit in your house! Plus it’s easy to roll up and store when it’s not in use and I’m all about that! If you don’t have some hot wheels cars already, snag this pack while you’re at it! Hot Wheels 9 Car Gift Pack

Fine Motor

  • Boogie Board: Okay, we got our first boogie board a couple of years ago and it is my absolute favorite toy to put in our diaper bag! It’s thin and easy to carry around. We pull it out on car rides, at church, waiting rooms, or anywhere the girls need a little distraction! We travel to and from our hometown (a couple hours away) a lot, and we have never used screens, because this boogie board and a few other toys are sure to do the trick!

  • Wood Lacing Toy: These handmade wooden lacing toys are gorgeous and we cannot put them down! I even love lacing the string in and out of the holes over and over again! We love to make DIY lacing activities as well, but none of them last like this one will! This is another one of those toys that is easy to take in the car and at church. I may or may not was going to do a giveaway with one, but then I decided to keep it for myself so both of my girls could have one after it kept them quiet in the car for an hour straight! (Stay tuned for an extension activity I have with these lacing toys) Snag yours with this discount code MATANGILEMONBLOG at checkout!

  • Operation Game: Games are a great way to interact and play with your children! This is such a classic game that really works those fine motor and concentration skills!

  • ABC Beads: I put this one on the list because I think sometimes we forget that crafts can be gifts too! Beads work their fine motor skills and there are endless creations to make with them! My 3 year old in particular could spend all day doing crafts and coloring. This set is so fun because of the added alphabet beads, and the price can’t be beat! They can work on letter recognition, spelling and fine motor skills! We like to lace the beads and use them as a necklace, and then take them off and use them over again! So this one is for your crafty children!

  • Light Bright: Classic, fine motor, reminds you of your own childhood, cool, that is all.

  • Plan Toys Bee Hive Preschool: Another color, counting, and sorting activity your child is sure to love! How cute are these little Beehives, and you know the quality is top notch with Plan Toys. The added wooden tweezers are definitely going to work those little hands!

  • Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzles (4 in 1 set): Puzzles are so good for the brain! Your child will work those problem solving, hand eye coordination, matching, and fine motor skills! These wooden puzzles are sure to last you longer than those cardboard puzzles without the corners bending!

  • Crazy Animal Puzzle Magnets: My girls love matching the different parts of the animals with these little magnets! They also think they’re pretty silly when they switch up the animal bodies and love rearranging them!


  • Mathlink Cubes: We first received some of these little cubes from a teacher friend and we have been anxious to get more ever since! These cubes are perfect for math concepts as you are able to add and subtract by adding and removing the cubes. They are also fun to play and build structures with! These ones in particular also have geometric shape cutouts to match!

  • Abacus Counter: These old fashion “calculators” are both aesthetically pleasing and developmental for toddlers through elementary school ages! The price of this one from IKEA can’t be beat! My girls are loving ours, and my 3 year old is always asking for help counting to 100!

  • Wooden Pattern Board: If you’ve been following my instagram you have seen this amazing pattern board! My 2 year old loves playing with the colored balls and using our own toy tweezers to pick up the balls, while my 3 year old enjoys doing every single pattern that is on the pattern cards! my 3 year old asks me if she can do this activity literally like every other hour! She is in love with it and it makes me so happy because it is so developmental! The wooden tweezers that come with it are a little bit trickier and so she really has to work to pick up the wooden balls! We’ll also be using these wooden colored balls in more activities to come! Use code: matangilemon15 for 15% off!

Large Motor

  • Plasma Car: This little swivel car is such a fun starting car for your preschooler! They are low to the ground and can still go pretty fast. I may or may not have purchased my first one before I even had kids! I first saw them when I taught preschool and I knew I needed one!

  • Strider Balance Bike: These bikes are amazing! They help your child go from this starter bike straight to a two-wheel bike without ever using training wheels by teaching those balancing skills right off the bat!

Elementary Age

  • Tyler Wood Built It- Tumi Ishi Blocks: Okay, so I had to post these on here. Let me know if these are something you’re dying for because my friend built me these, and I’m not sure how many more orders he is willing to take before the holidays. He recently started building them, and I was obsessed with the developmental components of these wooden blocks from the get go! The different sides make these blocks unique for building structures. Young children can stack and play with the blocks, while older children and adults can work on balancing and creating bridges. These are definitely therapeutic and one of those toys that are so beautiful, you won’t mind keeping them out in your living room or kitchen.

  • Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope: Anything Nancy B’s Science Club is seriously amazing! I got so excited when I first found this little microscope! There are so many fun conversations that go on while getting a closer look at the world all around us! To add to your slides check out this Microscope Slide Set! Your child will love it and so will you!

  • Rubix Race Game: This little game is so fun and can be played even on road trips! You all get your own little piece to figure out the pattern. Talk about brain work and speed! Such a fun game to do as a family whether on the go or at home!

  • Zuru Tangle Toys: (Twist, Shape, Fidget): These little fidget toys are so fun! I literally could not stop playing with them. My 3 year old loved trying to pull apart the separate pieces and connect them together. It was extremely difficult for her at first, but she stuck to it and was able to connect them. We have a couple of these tangle toys and they are the perfect stocking stuffer! You can connect them all together to make one large one or piece them off! My girls especially loved making bracelets with them. We were also using them at church the other day and this 8 year old boy could not stop staring! We gave him a set and he could not wait to start playing with them!

  • Battleship: Classic and amazing! We’re all about family games over here and battleship is one that is fun for everyone in the family! It’s fun to watch children start grasping the concepts and strategies of games and this one is an easy one to start off with! They will use numbers, letters and process of elimination to sink the ship.

  • Jenga: Everyone needs a game of Jenga in their house so this had to make the toy list. We will also try mixing it up by adding some words or pictures to our pieces to make it an extended activity! With preschoolers you could add letters, and each one they pull out you have them say the letter and sound. For older kids you could add vocabulary words or math problems! The possibility is endless and it’s a great way to make learning fun!

  • Sequence: We love this game! It’s so simple, and easy to catch on, yet fun for the entire family! It’s like a giant and more intense game of tic-tac-toe! My husband and I even bought it just for ourselves to play against each other when we first got married, so it’s a good one to play with even if you only have 2 players!

  • Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase: My husband is OBSESSED with anything magic, and this set is such a fun one for kids to start out with. I would argue that most children find magic fascinating and fun, and your child will love trying to figure these tricks out and show the family. Here is another magic set that is sure to wow the crowd from Melissa and Doug! Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magic Set:

  • Marble Run: Everyone needs a marble run in their life! It was one of my favorite toys as a child, and I had to make sure we had one for our family! Your child will work their engineering, creativity and cognitive skills as they build and create different structures for the marbles to go down. Once it’s set, toddlers through adults will enjoy playing with this one!

  • Kids Digital Camera: We don’t have this one, but I put it on the list because I see so many children wanting a camera, just like mom and dad. I think it’s great that they want to explore their creative side. We love these instax mini cameras as well, however, I don’t want my daughter constantly using up all the film. So this digital camera is a great one to give to your child and let them loose! They can take pictures of their building creations, feet, hands or whatever else they choose all day long and then you can upload their pictures onto the computer!

  • Slime Supplies Kit: I had to haha. Who is a slime lover?! It’s all the rage these days, and its such a fun sensory experience! This little kit, just helps make their slime creations even more fun! (Stay tuned for a slime recipe coming soon!)

  • Max Build More: We are just getting into legos at our place, and love this Max Build More brand that connects with all major brands! I love the tote that comes with the pieces so that it’s easy to clean up and store in the closet (which is a must with a tiny baby crawling around!) Legos encourage so much creativity and ingenuity, and work those fine motor and concentration skills. This little set in particular is so cool because it basically has 12 mini sets inside with instructions to build so many different things! We grabbed this Max Build More Mini Figure Set as well to go with our Max Build More and the girls are loving the different characters and their tools.

  • Tag Game with Vest and Balls: How fun is this? IKEA has really upped their game lately in the toy department! This set of two vests and balls would be so fun to play a game of tag with. Grab a couple more sets for the entire family!

  • PYSSLA Bead Shape Set: These are for your little creative children! I loved having these craft toys when I was younger! I also used the sets as holders to create my own creations. Buy these beads to place on your bead shape set, and then place some wax paper on top to iron and seal your creation together! When I was a kid I put little magnets on the back of mine and my grandma had my cute little creation on her fridge for the rest of her life. It always made me so happy to see it, and I’m sure your children will love making their own!

Happy Holidays!