Hi! I'm RyLee and this is my crew. I married my high school sweetheart and we have three beautiful little girls together ages 3 and under. I'm a professional kitchen dancer and chocolate chip cookie eater. Ruben is a Health Care Administrator for the best company ever, Advanced Health Care, and I get to stay at home with the girls. He's obsessed with drones and all things sports and I'm more into crafting, a good book and an occasional hip-hop dance class.

I have my BS degree in Child Development from Utah State University. I seriously think I studied the BEST degree out there. Who else gets to make different play doughs, experiment trying random foods, and study developmental toys in their college classes? I have taken what I have learned from Child Development and applied them into our lives at home with the girls. I have had so many friends and family come to me with questions or development advice, and so I decided to start a blog. My hope is that you can get inspired to play with your little ones!

Contact me with blog posts you’d like me to do! Let's Play!

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